Changing your legal status is the least challenging issue you will face with your divorce. Even after a short marriage, you may have children, property, expectations or need for support, as well as pets, dishes, furniture and debt to separate. At New York Holistic Divorce, we divide these issues into four categories: emotional separation, physical separation, financial separation and legal separation.*

  • Emotional Separation. Dealing with the intensity of emotions unleashed by the dissolution of a marriage is physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. To help you manage these strong emotions and ensure that such turmoil does not cloud your ability to make decisions, we begin with a private meeting with each of the parties to develop a wellness plan. With this wellness, plan we will help you identify and connect to resources such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, physical fitness training Reiki, massage therapy, or whatever is necessary to help you minimize the emotional pain and set you on a path to healing.
  • Financial Separation. Taking a close look at your finances is a difficult task for many, particularly while living through the emotional roller coaster of divorce. This challenge leads many to enter into agreements that prove to be unsustainable in the long run. To financially separate, we will help you understand all aspects of your finances – including child and spousal support, if any – and the division of marital property and debt to help you preopare for your new lives in separate households. We also will provide a financial needs analysis to help you minimize the long-term financial impact of your divorce, so that each of you enters your new life on the strongest financial footing possible.
  • Physical Separation. Physical separation involves identifying a suitable living arrangement for each of the parties, and, where necessary, developing a parenting plan that sets forth a schedule for the children during regular school weeks and over vacations and holidays, and developing decision-making procedures for education, health care, religious upbringing, child care and residency. Unlike in litigation (court), parties can enter into an interim agreement to physically separate prior to the resolution of all other issues, without prejudicing either party.
  • Legal Separation. Once the above issues are resolved, we will draft the necessary legal documents to memorialize your agreement and complete your divorce.

Most clients spend most of their emotional energy focused on the emotional and financial separation, rightfully so. Unlike most divorce professionals,  Tom’s combination of legal, life coach, yoga and meditation training provides divorcing clients with the support they need to ensure they can manage the emotional stress separately so that they remain focused on resolving the financial matters for the future.

Timing. The typical divorce mediation takes significantly less time than traditional litigation, depending on the complexity of issues that need to be addressed. During our first session together, we will provide you with a reasonable expectation for how long the process will take.

Fees. Divorce mediation is the most efficient and least expensive method for getting divorced. We charge for our services on an hourly basis, payable at the end of each session. Contact our office for an explanation of our fee schedule.

*Source: Robert Kirkman Collins