Divorce is never easy. It affects all parts of your well being, from financial, to physical, to mental and, for many, it feels as though the defining elements of your life have been whisked away.

But divorce does not have to tear you and your family apart. By choosing the New York Holistic Divorce approach, you will engage in a process that minimizes hostility and conflict, preserves positive relationships, and fosters creative solutions to fit the circumstances of your family.

The traditional approach to divorce is an emotionally and economically destructive process. Using the Court system, lawyers exploit fear and anger to propel the parties through months, and sometimes years, of grueling combat, all the while grinding the divorcing couple to despair. This deliberate infliction of pain bears no relevance to the outcome or the future needs and interests of the parties. As with any such combat, the only winning move is not to play.

Unlike traditional mediators, most of whom are attorneys or mental health professionals, Tom has both legal and mental health training as a licensed New York attorney and a certified life coach. Through the Holistic Divorce approach, you and your partner will work together with Tom to remain focused on your future through private, rational discussions. This allows for your relationship to be restructured without destroying good will while providing each party with everything they need to develop a new family structure focused on creating a stable, peaceful life for you and your children.

During divorce, figuring what your life will be like as a single individual can feel hopeless. But with the proper mindset and the right guidance, virtually every couple can come to their own agreement as to what will happen with their children, their house, their assets and liabilities, and, where applicable, child and spousal support.

Your divorce does not need to mean a complete destruction of your savings and your emotional well-being. Through Holistic Divorce approach, you will resolve the end of your marital relationship in less time, for less money than going to Court, and emerge unmarried, unattached and with as little emotional baggage as possible.