Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

Navigating the uncharted waters of divorce can be challenging. To ensure smooth sailing, we suggest you consider the following Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO show respect to your spouse in front of the children; create an environment in which they have a positive relationship with both of their parents.
  • DON’T discuss the details of the divorce with your children.
  • DO make sure the children know they are not the reason for the divorce.
  • DON’T get legal, financial, or mental health advice from a friend.
  • DO speak for yourself, not your spouse.
  • DON’T criticize the other parent in front of the children.
  • DO allow yourself to heal.
  • DON’T lean on your children for support or validation.
  • DO exercise and eat healthier.
  • DON’T air the details of your divorce on social media.
  • DO take responsibility for your feelings.
  • DON’T allow your feelings to dictate your actions.
  • DO remember that the collaborative process is voluntary.

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~ John Paul Lederach

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~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

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